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About This Script Website:

If you're like me, my condolences. On the plus side, you are probably very interested in quality Christian drama and often disappointed by what you can find. Even in the age of the internet, it's still tough to find quality Christian scripts.

I was a huge fan of Monty Python, Abbot and Costello, the Marx Brothers, and many other comedians and comedy acts. I asked myself why Christian writers weren't taking comedy lessons from these guys? Then it came to me: why can't I?

I've been writing these scripts for the past fifteen years, and now I'm making them available to you. These scripts cover a variety of subjects, some silly, some serious. This collection includes my own tributes (and legally protected parodies) of classic Monty Python and Abbot and Costello sketches, and my huge collection of the kind of screwball comedies that I feel Christianity desperately needs. You can find readings for special holidays and even scripts for raising money to build a church. I'm always adding more, so check back often to see what I've added.

While a few of these scripts are free, most of them are available for purchase through Amazon. You can either get the script on a Kindle or you can download a free Amazon app to any reader device. Each script is 99 cents each, and once you download it, you can share it among everyone who might need a copy. You can also purchase the full script collection for just $2.99 to read them all beforehand. Even better, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow every single one of these scripts for free before you purchase them.

I decided to go with the electronic copies because it makes these a lot cheaper. You would not have these prices for a printed script, and I pass the savings onto you.

I hope you enjoy this page and these scripts. Drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. Also let me know if you perform anything I've written. I always like to know how these scripts worked out for you.

Charles B. French