Building Campaign

It’s time for your church to build. You’re planning a big campaign within the church to get people on board and to raise the money you need. This great venture is going to require faith and commitment from everyone, and sometimes just preaching at them won’t be enough. That’s where these dramas come in.

A Couple’s Conundrum – A couple is faced with a difficult decision of whether to financially support this new building campaign. Do they trust God, or will they let money matters weigh them down? It’s a common situation many couples will face when they hear the message about the building campaign, and it’s good to acknowledge that reality.

Action Action News – A news anchor is upset that a story about a church’s building campaign doesn’t have enough excitement, doom, and gloom. He’s frustrated by the lack of panic and wondering how it is people can trust in God so much that they faithfully give to this building campaign.

Back in My Day – Two people argue about whether there is actually a need to build a church or add onto what they have already. It’s a conflict between those who think things are fine the way they are and those called to build something new.

Bandages and Lollypops – A patient in need of care discovers what happens when a place advertised as a hospital can’t help him. If only they had invested in more infrastructure, they would be able to help more people in the community. A cute parable for why building a church benefits everyone, and what happens when a church isn't interested in working to reach their community.

Don’t Panic – We see that sometimes it’s easy to panic when you consider how everything could go horribly wrong. It’s easy to find flaws in your building plans, simple to second guess and predict failure before it even starts. A person can succumb to panic when they forget to have faith. They need to remember that if this is God’s will, it’s going to happen.

Kid in the Box – A boy named Jack is stuck in a box far too small for him. His mother refuses to help him out of the small one and into a bigger one. A silly but clear illustration about the problems of growing churches who’ve run out of room.

Land of the Giants – Two scouts enter the area their church plans to build and see a problem. One scout thinks this is nothing they can’t deal with, but the other sees an unstoppable giant who will destroy them all. This is a humorous retelling of the Promised Land spies and how they doubted God could overcome the giants they faced. It’s a similar situation to what your church may face when you decide to build. Yes, there will be giants, but you can overcome them.

The Cornerstone – After the first stone in the building campaign is laid, it’s time to celebrate. Of course, it might not seem that way, what with all the work still ahead, but it’s important to celebrate getting this far. Sometimes the hardest part is getting to place the first stone, and it’s good to celebrate and thank God for getting you that far.

The Enemy – A young woman comes face to face with The Enemy and learns how to fight back against his lies and doubts. We learn that if there’s one thing that will throw a wrench in your building campaign, it’s doubt and discouragement. We need to understand where it comes from and how to deal with it.

The Shoulder Consultants – An Angel and Devil do battle when a church begins a building campaign. They argue as the humans they’re tailing deal with faith and doubt over this new building.

What’s Your Excuse? – A game show tests contestants on making the very best excuses to get out of all sorts of situations, from family obligations to supporting a church building campaign.

You Call This Cooking? – A chef apprentice learns the hard way that to truly be a master chef, one first needs the right equipment and a well-built kitchen. It’s a cute analogy that illustrates the need for a proper building.

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