Free Scripts

I know how hard it can be to find a decent Christian script. That's why I started writing my own.

These scripts are just a small sampling of my more complete collection and represent many different types. Some are funny, other more serious. I even have a few holiday readings for Advent and Easter services. There's also one full-length script about Lazarus and his friendship with Jesus.

I hope you enjoy these scripts, and check back often because I'm going to be adding more as I go.

If you do use any of these, drop me a line and let me know how it goes. Enjoy.

Comedy Scripts

Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition - A Christmas nitpicker is sucking the joy right out of the season.

God and Politics - An aspiring politician is tempted by two smooth-talking consultants.

Lingo - A visitor to a Christian meeting has no idea what anyone is talking about.

Our Friend Occam - Three friends sit around and debate whether there is any evidence for God's existence. 

Parental Priorities - Two new parents forget that having children doesn't mean they should neglect their relationship.

Punch in the Face -  A would-be evangelist doesn't understand that actions speak louder than words, and you can't justify everything simply because you're doing it for Christ.

Second Coming Show - When you're a morning show devoted to the Second Coming, it can get kind of awkward when the Second Coming doesn't happen and you suddenly have a lot of time to fill.

What's My Line? -  A Director gets more and more frustrated when the Actor refuses to say the correct line. 

Wisdom and Impulse: A Coffee ConundrumWisdom and Impulse get together to discuss the merits of coffee. (A parody of the old Mac and PC commercials.)

More Serious Scripts

Plus 2 - Why just attending a weekly church service isn't enough to fulfill your spiritual needs.

"Real Women" with Luci Fir - A women has a dream in which she's a guest on the talk show "Real Women with Luci Fir." She is forced to confront her own insecurities as well as all the pressures (and outright lies) placed on women from both without and within the church.

Sunday Morning Runway - What happens when a church is more focused on superficial concerns rather than what's truly important?

Techno-Mom - A mother is far to into her cell phone than her family, which is causing her to ignore what's happening right in front of her face.

The Tempter's Trainee - The Devil has a new apprentice and shows him all the dirty tricks.

To Carry a Mat - Four friends have a crisis of faith as they carry their paralyzed friend to see Jesus. 

Holiday Readings

Five Advent Readings - these five readings are perfect for any and all Advent services.

The Seven Steps of the Savior - a Good Friday reading about the life, ministry, and death of Jesus. 

For Children

Back to School - A lesson in choosing between being popular in school and "letting your light shine."

Chris and Robin Go Into The Wild - In this four-part series, two zany friends talk about what it means to answer God's call. This series was written for a children's camp.

High Seas Adventures - Two children join an eccentric Captain and her giant parrot as they set sail for adventure. This six-part series was written for Vacation Bible School. 

Science Club - Two science club members must perform experiments to help their stranded Professor get off a strange island. This six-part series was written for Vacation Bible School. 

Full Length Script

Lazarus: Friend of Jesus - A full length play about Lazarus. It's funny, touching, and challenging as it explores what it means to have faith when it seems God has abandoned you.  (archived on this site)

If you are interested in more of my scripts, find the full collection here.