Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds

You rarely hear the phrase 'Christian Screwball Comedy,' but if such a thing exists, you'll find it here. This followup to Crazy Christians and Large Frozen Fish proves that Christians are still their own brand of crazy. (You can see for yourself and purchase the full collection here.) 

Here are the individual scripts. Unlike the full collection, none of the scripts are DRM enabled, meaning you are free to share them. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app that will let you use it on all your mobile devices.

Battle of the Church Thermostat - A group of insurgent parishioners are making a play to change the church thermostat. They face opposition in every direction from rival factions who also want control of the thermostat.

Church Bouncer - A man arrives at church to find a bouncer guarding the door.

Church Finder - A man goes to a professional Church Finder for help in finding a church. However, it doesn’t go as well as he’d like.

Church Insurance - A pushy insurance Agent tries to sell a policy that covers specific "Acts of God," including pillars of fire and plagues of locusts. He does not find a receptive audience.

Elections: a public service announcement - It can be hard, as a Christian, to decide who to vote for. This PSA presents a modest proposal that will clear things right up, as electing the right people is far less important than voting for the politicians who pander to us the most.

End Times Anonymous -  We have a meeting of End Times Anonymous, a support group for people disappointed that the End Times, Rapture, and Second Coming haven't happened yet.

Enraged Emcee - An Emcee hosting an event about grace finds himself constantly interrupted by an Assistant who keeps trying his patience.

Facebook Inquisition -  The Facebook Inquisition pounces on a poor individual because his Facebook activity isn't Christian enough.

How it Really Happened - A speaker giving his testimony is hooked up to a lie detector, and the truth of what really happened comes out.

The Library Sketch -  A bookseller tries to sell several odd titles to a church librarian in this alphabetical situation. The titles are not well received.

Matthew the Verse Boy -  A boy named Matthew is leading a Bible study. Problem is, everything he reads from the Bible happens around him. And not all the Bible's verses are happy and sweet.

Means and Ends - When Jerry says he'll spread the Gospel by any means necessary, he isn't kidding.

Ministry of Architecture - An eccentric architect offers some suggestions to a pastor about possible improvements to the church. None of these suggestions go over well.

Ministry of Christian Band Names - A bandleader of a Christian band is looking for some help in finding the perfect Biblical band name. Sadly, a visit to the Ministry of Christian Band Names reveals that all the good Biblical names are taken, and the ones remaining have a lot to be desired.

Ministry of Christian Television - A hopeful producer of a Christian television show visits a consultant at the 'Ministry of Christian Television' and the two of them have very different ideas about what constitutes "Christian programming."

Ministry of Church Productions - Someone makes the mistake of visiting the Ministry of Church Productions to get some help for Vacation Bible School. Let's just say you can be too literal when you act out Bible stories for kids.

Ministry of Good Character -  A pastor runs afoul of the Ministry of Good Character when trying to dress up as a person from the Bible.

Missionary Drill Sergeant - A drill sergeant tries to instruct a group of would-be missionaries. Think Full Metal Jacket with less cursing and more Bibles.

Potluck License - A woman finds out that she needs a license to bring food to her church's potluck, and getting it isn't exactly a piece of cake.

That's My Spot - A cranky churchgoer discovers that some ruffian is sitting in his usual spot in the sanctuary. Naturally, this upsets him and he plans to take it to the highest authority.

These scripts are all-digital, meaning you will need a device that can read Kindle books (and any laptop, mobile or hand-held device should work for you.) Keeping these files digital helps me keep my costs low, and I can pass the savings onto you. In addition to the packs of scripts, many can be purchased individually. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow these scripts for free.
If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app that will let you use it on all your mobile devices.

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