Back to School

 Back to School
Charles B. French

This is a great script for children as they are heading back to school in the fall. It deals with the temptations of popularity and who we are called to be as followers of Jesus. It may not be easy to reach out and make friends with others, especially if they aren't part of the popular crowd. But sometimes that's far more important.
Reference Verse:  Matthew 5:16

Rose- She can’t wait to go back to school and be popular
Jack- He can’t wait to achieve and be better than everyone
Martha- She’s the one who lets Rose and Jack know what they need to be really doing
Donna- The new girl in school, she sits by herself a lot.

Rose and Jack enter.

Rose: Hey Jack. How was your summer?

Jack: Rose, it was spectacular. The sights I saw, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences I had. It really made me think. How about you?

Rose: I saw the world in a new light. Now I know my true purpose.

Jack: Me, too.

Rose: Aren’t you excited to be here at school?

Jack: You know, most people aren’t, but I can’t wait.

Rose: This year is going to be so awesome!

Jack: You better believe it. High five! (He goes for the high five and Rose just looks at him.) Never mind.

Rose: I’ve decided that my mission this year will be to be popular.

Jack: Really?

Rose: I’ve already got the invitations to my Birthday party ready.

Jack: Isn’t that in February?

Rose: It helps to plan ahead. Besides, by then I’ll be the most popular girl in school. Everyone will know me and want to be my friend.

Jack: Why?

Rose: Because I’m nice you nitwit!

Jack: Your popularity is already dropping with me.

Rose: It doesn’t matter. Everyone else is going to love me every time I walk by they’ll say, “There goes Rose. Isn’t she wonderful? I wish I could be as good looking and popular as she is.” It’s going to be great.

Jack: That’s your goal? You want everyone to talk about you?

Rose: It’s all about publicity. You’ve got to get your name out there or you’re nobody. That’s what I’ve told all three-thousand of my Facebook friends.

Jack: I still think you have your priorities all wrong.

Rose: Really? What will you be doing while I bask in my newfound fame and glamour?

Jack: I’m going to be Champion.

Rose: At what?

Jack: What have you got? Football, basketball, baseball, I’m going to be MVP of all those sports. People will see me and know that they are in the presence of athletic greatness. Pretty soon I’ll have endorsement deals from everyone.

Rose: So you’re just going to be good at sports?

Jack: Not just at sports. I there’s a contest at school, I’m winning it. If it’s a spelling bee, I’m going to be (spells it out) V-I-C-T-O-R-I-O-U-S. If it’s counting jelly beans in a jar, no one else should even bother to guess. If the competition involves drawing the best picture, my work will be more famous than the Mona Lisa.

Rose: So you’re going to win everything?

Jack: That is my whole purpose. I want people to know how great I am. When they see me walking down the hall, they’ll say “There goes Jack, he’s better than anyone else.”

Rose: But will you be more popular than me?

Jack: I’ll be better than you at everything, so yes.

Rose: Will not.

Jack: Will too.

Rose: Will not.

Jack: Will too.

Rose: Will not plus a million.

Jack: Will too plus infinity!

Rose: Plus double infinity!

Jack: Plus infinity-infinity!

As they are arguing, Donna enters and sits alone by herself, off in the distance.

Rose: Oh, yeah, well infinity-infinity plus (She notices Donna.) Who’s that?

Jack: New kid. 
Rose: Let her sit there. I don’t have time to waste on learning her name.

Jack: You got that right. She doesn’t look like a winner to me, and from now on I only hang out with winners.

Martha enters and joins them.

Rose: Absolutely, it’s all about being popular.

Jack: And better than everyone else.

Martha: Hey you two.

Jack: Hi, Martha.

Rose: Hey yourself. Are you here to hang out with the winners?

Jack: That’s what this year is going to be about.

Rose: I’m going to be popular.

Jack: I’m going to be a winner. That’s what it’s all about.

Martha: Are you sure about that?

Rose: Isn’t it?

Jack: I think so.

Martha: Have you seen the new girl over there?

Rose: Of course.

Martha: Why haven’t you talked to her?

Jack: Well, we have important things to do, I think. Don’t we?

Rose: I don’t know. Are you sure we should just stand here and ignore her like this?

Jack: Well, she does look like she needs a friend, but don’t we need to focus on our goals?

Rose: That’s right. We’ve got to be popular.

Jack: And winners.

Martha: She looks so lonely over there, though. Can’t you relate to that?

Jack: I remember what it was like on my first day.

Rose: It was rough.

Jack: But that doesn’t concern us anymore.

Rose: No, it’s all about popular.

Martha: Are you sure about that. What did we hear about in church last Sunday?

Rose: Something about not leaving the lights on when you leave a room.

Jack: I thought we weren’t supposed to hide our light.

Martha: That’s right, it was Matthew 5:16.

Jack: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven”

Rose: Isn’t that what we’re doing, letting people see our light by being popular?

Jack: And Champions. Yes, we’re letting everyone see the light by our greatness.

Martha: Is that what it means? Don’t we have to do something else?

Jack: Well, we are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Rose: And aren’t we supposed to treat others like we want to be treated?

Martha: That’s part of it too.

Rose: You know, everything I read about being popular says that you have to be mean to everyone else.

Martha: Why is that?

Rose: You have to put them down so you look better than them.

Martha: That doesn’t sound very nice.

Rose: Well, it isn’t. I don’t know if I want to be mean.

Jack: You know, if I’m trying to win all the time, I won’t have time to spend with my friends or family.

Martha: We’ll miss you.

Jack: And what if I can’t win fairly. What if I have to cheat to win?

Martha: That doesn’t sound like shining your light, does it?

Jack: What if I just picked a few things to compete in and play as honestly as I can. No cheating.

Rose: Then you can still spend time with your friends and family.

Martha: We like spending time with you.

Rose: You know who else we could spend time with?

Jack: I was thinking the exact same thing.

Martha: Let’s go talk to her.

The three approach Donna.

Rose: Hi, do you want to hang out with us?

Donna: That would be great! My name’s Donna.

Jack: Good to meet you Donna.

Donna: You know, I thought this was going to be a bad year for me. I’m glad you came by. I think it’s going to be a good year after all.

Martha: We’re just happy to shine our light.

They all exit.

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