High Seas Adventures

High Seas Adventures
Charles B. French

This six part series was performed for our church’s Vacation Bible School. We opened each day with one of the segments, and that introduced the lesson for that day. The final part was performed on Sunday in a big wrap-up session. This script is perfect for Vacation Bible School, but it can also be used for any children’s event. 

There are no specific Bible verses references. Instead, each day presented a basic Biblical principle that was reinforced throughout the day.

This production will need some costume pieces and props. The characters should wear proper pirate-style great, and you will need a giant parrot outfit of some kind. If you have younger kids in the audience, they can’t get enough of the parrot. In addition, since they are on board a ship, you’ll need a large steering wheel of some kind.

This script was very popular because it appealed to all audiences. The little kids loved the parrot, and the older kids, and even the adults, liked the banter and the jokes. Everyone got something out of the daily lessons.

I hope you enjoy this script as much as we enjoyed performing it.

The Cast of Characters
Captain Valentine: She’s in charge of the Good Ship Fellow and looking for a new crew to help her sail to Friendly Bay.
Alex: She’s the adventurous type who leaps without looking and usually winds up face-first in trouble
Billy: Alex’s brother. If there’s a book, he’s read it, and he thinks he knows everything about how things work from his reading.
Reginald: A parrot. A Giant Parrot who is Captain Valentine’s First Mate

Day 1 – The New Crew
Captain Valentine and Reginald enter.

Valentine: Ah, it’s good to feel that sweet, sea air once more. The smell of the salt, the wind in your hair…

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: All right, feathers, in your case. The point is, there’s wind, salt, sea, and an endless horizon. All I need is a ship to sail and a star to steer her by. What more could I possibly need?

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Fine, I need a crew.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Don’t take that tone with me!

Reginald: (in the usual parrot voice) Don’t take that tone with me, don’t take that tone with me!

Valentine: (to herself) Get a talking parrot. They make such good additions to the crew. Brilliant idea!

Alex enters.

Alex: (reading off a piece of paper) Is this the Good Ship Fellow?

Valentine: Hey, don’t you know that you have to ask permission before you come aboard?

Alex: I never ask permission. I go where I want, do what I want (draws her sword) and I live for adventure! (Alex charges forward for two steps before tripping and falling on her face.) Ow!

Valentine: That’s what you get for not asking for permission.

Alex: Permission to come on board and fall on my face?

Valentine: (offering her a hand up) Granted. Now let’s get you on your feet and take a good look at you. What brings you to the Good Ship Fellow?

Before Alex and answer Billy enters.

Billy: Permission to come on board?

Valentine: See? That’s how you make a good first impression. (to Billy) Permission granted. I’m Captain Valentine. Who are you?

Billy: I’m Billy and this is my sister Alex. We saw the ad, well, I barely got to see it before someone grabbed it and ran here, leaving me behind.

Alex: You’re just a slowpoke.

Billy: And you’re going to find yourself keel-hauled if you’re not careful.

Alex: What is that?

Billy: You don’t want to know.

Valentine: What I want to know is what’s this ad you speak of. (taking the paper)

Alex: It’s your ad for a new crew. That’s us!

Valentine: Who put this up?

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: You put this up Reginald? (She tries to read it) How can anyone read this chicken scratch?

Reginald: (indignantly) Squawk!

Valentine: Fine, parrot-scratch! Still, how did you read it?

Billy: My sister’s handwriting is even messier.

Alex: I should be insulted, but it’s true.

Valentine: So why do you want to be on our crew?

Alex: Think of all the adventures I’ll get to have.

Billy: Think of all the things I’ll get to learn (notices Reginald for the first time) and that’s a giant parrot! There’s a giant parrot! Why is there a giant parrot right there!

Valentine: It took him that long to notice?

Alex: He sometimes doesn’t notice anything beyond his books.

Billy: (pointing to Reginald) I’m noticing that!

Valentine: Reginald isn’t a ‘that.’ He’s a him. He’s also my first mate.

Reginald: Squawk! First mate, first mate!

Billy: That’s impossible. Parrots can’t be first mate.

Valentine: I’ll have you know that Reginald is an excellent first mate.

Billy: What was I thinking coming aboard? This is a mistake!

Reginald: A mistake, a mistake!

Valentine: Quiet you! (to Billy) Why do you think this is a mistake?

Billy: Because this isn’t anything like the books said. I thought I knew everything about sailing. I don’t even know what’s true anymore!

Valentine: Well there’s one thing I know is true. Don’t drink the salt-water.

Billy: That doesn’t help.

Alex: When in doubt, poke it with something sharp first, ask questions later.

Billy: No, none of that helps. I’m still as confused as ever.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Not now Reginald, we’re trying to provide comfort. Oh, I know. Never shake hands with Captain Hook!

Alex: Don’t walk the plank until at least thirty minutes after eating.

Reginald: Squawk! God’s Word is True. God’s Word is True.

Valentine: What’s that? (She ponders the thought for a moment.) “God’s word is True!” Well why didn’t you say so in the first place.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Billy, I have no idea what’s going to happen on this journey. But I know that through it all, we know that God’s Word is true.

Billy: God’s Word?

Valentine: The Bible. God knew that we would have tough times ahead, so He gave us something we could always trust. When we’re in trouble, when we’re sad, when we need an answer, we know that God’s Word is true.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: I just said that. (to Billy and Alex) So are you two ready to head out on a High Seas adventure?

Alex: Yes sir, uh, ma’am, Captain Valentine! Are we going to Danger Island? (Billy looks worried.) Terror Reef (Billy gets even more worried.) Certain Death Cove? (Billy may almost throw up.)

Valentine: No, we are sailing on to Friendly Bay (Billy is very relieved.) Now man your posts, Alex and Billy, we’ve got a long journey ahead.

Billy: Where are our posts, exactly?

Valentine: Come on, I’ll show you.

The four of them exit.

Day 2 – The Coming Storm

Captain Valentine emerges and strikes a captainly pose.

Valentine: Man your posts, my fine crew. Onward to Friendly Bay!

Alex rushes out carrying a telescope.

Alex: Aye, Aye, Captain Velentine. (She picks the telescope up and jams it in her eye.) Ow! My eye.

Valentine: Your eye eye?

Alex: No, just the one.

Valentine: Well try not to poke any of them out, Alex. You’re too young for an eye patch.

Billy enters, though he’s a bit wobbly on his legs.

Billy: Actually, pirates didn’t wear patches because they lost an eye. They used them to see in dark places.

Alex: You’re making that up.

Billy: It’s true. They kept the eye covered and would switch the patch to the other eye in dark places so they could see in the dark. That way they didn’t have to wait for their eyes to adjust, like we do when we turn off the lights. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be sick.

Valentine: Not on the deck, I just had it swabbed.

Alex: And I’m the one who swabbed it. What’s wrong, Billy?

Billy: All this moving back and forth and back and forth.

Alex: Don’t forget side to side.

Valentine: My favorite part is the up and down.

Billy: So not helping. I didn’t know I could get so seasick.

Alex: It wasn’t in your books?

Billy: They never said it would be this bad, but at least it can’t get any worse.

Valentine: What did you just say?

Billy: What? I just wondered if…

Valentine: Don’t say it!

Billy: Say what?

Alex: At least it can’t get any worse.

Valentine: Now you said it! Do you know what this means?

Reginald makes his way onstage.

Billy: I have no idea, none of my reading covers that particular phrase.

Alex: Do you actually think that saying it can’t get worse means it could get worse?

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: That’s exactly what I’m saying!

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: I am highly skeptical that my words mean disaster is coming.

Reginald: Disaster is coming, disaster is coming!

Valentine: You’re not helping, Reginald.

Alex: (carefully using the telescope this time) Uh, oh.

Valentine: What do you mean, uh, oh. I don’t like uh, oh. In fact, I highly disapprove.

Alex: Well how do you feel about dark clouds heading our way.

Billy: Dark clouds, where there are clouds there’s a (realizes what it means) Storm! There’s a storm coming!

Alex: We’re doomed!

Billy: All the books say this is bad!

Valentine: All right, nobody panic. It’s just a storm, how bad could it be? (She takes Alex’s telescope and looks out.) It’s bad, oh, it’s bad.

Alex: What do we do?

Billy: I’m in favor of running and hiding!

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Not now, Reginald, we’re too busy panicking.

Alex: You’re the Captain!

Billy: Yeah, you’re supposed to make us feel better!

Valentine: But who’s going to make me feel better?

Reginald: Squawk! God’s Word is comforting. God’s Word is comforting.

Valentine: That’s right, God’s Word is comforting.

Alex: What?

Billy: Explain.

Valentine: God lets us know in the Bible that He watches over us and loves us. Whenever we have to face big nasty storms, God is always there with us. He gives us the strength and courage to face whatever comes our way.

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: You said it.

Alex: Here, here!

Valentine: Now that we’re over our little panic attack, let’s go batten down the hatches, secure the rigging, and take care of the Good Ship Fellow.

Billy and Alex: Aye, Aye.

Everyone exits.

Day 3 – The Unexpected Day

Reginald enters, moves to the center of the stage, and slumps with his head hanging down. Captain Valentine soon follows.

Valentine: Well there you are, Reginald. How are we feeling?

Reginald: (very tired) Squawk…

Valentine: I’m tired too. That storm sure threw the Good Ship Fellow around, didn’t it? It made quite the mess we had to clean up.

Reginald: Squawk…

Valentine: You did a fantastic job and have earned a rest, so why don’t you… (She notices Reginald has fallen asleep standing up.) And you’re asleep. I wish I could sleep standing up. It would solve all sorts of problems.

Alex comes in with a mop slung over her shoulder.

Alex: We just finishing un-battening the last hatch, Captain Valentine.

Valentine: Thank you, Alex. That’s how I prefer my hatches.

Alex: What’s the matter with Reginald? Is he dead?

Valentine: He’s not dead. He’s resting.

Alex: He can sleep standing up?

Valentine: He’s living the dream.

Billy enters.

Billy: That storm threw us forty miles off-course. The good news is that it only adds one more day to our journey, so by my calculations, we’ll get to Friendly Bay on Friday.

Valentine: Thank you, Billy.

Billy: (notices Reginald) Captain Valentine, I hate to ask this, but is Reginald…?

Valentine: He’s not dead, he’s resting.

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: Did he hear me?

Valentine: No, he talks in his sleep.

Alex: So we have a whole extra day on this trip?

Billy: Affirmative. We have one extra day.

Alex: So what do we do, now?

Valentine: I suppose we’ll have to make the best of it.

Alex: I know!

She hands her mop to Billy, who holds it like a limbo pole.

Alex: Limbo contest. How low can you go? How low... (She collides with the pole and she and Billy fall into a heap.)

Valentine: Maybe Limbo isn’t your thing.

Billy: (as he and Alex get up) Besides, Limbo isn’t a full-contact sport.

Valentine: And there will be no full-contact sports on the Good Ship Fellow. Not after what happened last time

Alex: What happened?

Valentine: Let’s just say that sailing and Roller Derby don’t mix.

Alex: (starts tiptoeing towards Reginald) We could play ‘Wake Reginald.’

Valentine: Don’t wake him up, it’s rude. Besides, he outranks you.

Alex: Great, I’m outranked by a parrot.

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: Still talking in his sleep?

Valentine: No, I think he heard you.

Alex: Sorry, Reginald.

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: Command structure aside, you’re forgetting something. We’re a day behind schedule. Do you know what this means? We’re going to run out of food and water! It’s going to be a horrible disaster!

Valentine: Hey, there will be no declaring disaster on the Good Ship Fellow.

Billy: Then what are we going to do?

Valentine: It’s just an extra day, Billy, nothing to worry about.

Billy: It’s not just the extra day. It’s the storm and being seasick and a giant parrot who outranks me.

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: None of this was what I expected. It wasn’t what I planned on.

Valentine: Welcome to a life at sea. Your plans usually last about as long as it takes to sail out of the harbor. Things happen all the time that you don’t expect.

Alex: Then how do you deal with it?

Valentine: Badly. I hate it when things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. But do you know what helps me through it?

Reginald: God’s Word is surprising, God’s Word is surprising.

Valentine: Thank you, Reginald, I can take it from here.

Reginald: Take it from here, take it from here.

Valentine: Billy, when I read God’s Word, it always surprises me. Whenever I have a problem, I sometimes think that there’s no way a book as old as the Bible has any answers for me.

Alex: How old is it?

Valentine: Really old, but that’s what’s so surprising. No matter what I have to deal with, the Bible has all sorts of answers for me.

Billy: Really?

Valentine: Really, and it’s also taught me that it’s all right if things don’t go the way I planned them. And no matter what happens, God is never surprised.

Billy: Does this mean we’re not going to run out of food and water?

Valentine: Relax. I always bring extra supplies just in case we get delayed. We’re going to be fine. Besides, maybe Friday is the day we’re supposed to get to Friendly Bay, anyway.

Alex: You think so?

Valentine: When God’s in charge, you’re always on time. Now come on. We’ve got an extra day, let’s all have some fun.

Alex: How about we…

Valentine: No limbo, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

They all exit.

Day 4 – The Revealing Backstory

Alex and Billy enter. They are sword fighting. Alex has the sword in her left hand.

Billy: Give up, Alex, I’ve read every book on fencing ever written. I know every possible move.

Alex: Not a chance Billy. You might have book smarts, but there’s one thing you don’t know.

Billy: What’s that?

Alex: (switches swords to her right hand) I am not left-handed.

Alex charges forward, trips, and falls on her face. Valentine bursts in, followed by Reginald.

Valentine: What’s going on here?

Billy: Alex was just losing.

Valentine: So the two of you thought that you’d put each other’s eyes out?

Alex: (getting up) It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Valentine: Well, it isn’t.

Reginald: Squawk! It isn’t, it isn’t!

Valentine: Why were you sword fighting anyway?

Alex: We were tired of not knowing what we’re doing out here.

Billy: My books only told part of the story. I needed actual experience in order to improve my sailing skills.

Alex: That’s why we were practicing sword-fighting. If there’s trouble, we want to know how to handle it.

Valentine: By poking it with a long, sharp, metal object? That’s hardly polite and not how we solve problems aboard the Good Ship Fellow.

Alex: What’s the fun in that? I thought we were going to have swashbuckling adventures where all our enemies would fall before our might.

Billy: Or fall over laughing when you trip over them.

Alex: Or maybe you’ll bore them to death.

Valentine: Enough! See, this is why I have a no sword-fighting rule. Besides, there’s much better ways to improve yourselves.

Alex: But why can’t we swordfight?

Billy: Don’t you want us to be better sailors?

Valentine: I do…It’s a long story.

Billy: I like stories.

Alex: Come on, tell us.

Reginald: Squawk! Tell us, tell us!

Valentine: As you wish. Gather closely. (Everyone bunches up right next to her.) Too close. Sit somewhat near me as I tell you a story of shame and redemption. (Alex and Billy sit at her feet.) I wasn’t always the nicest person in the world. I was once an evil pirate. I plundered vessels and was a terror on the seas. They called me the Dread Pirate Valentine.

Alex: Scary.

Valentine: I know. When people saw me coming, they ran. I was the biggest, baddest pirate around, but I wasn’t happy. Something was missing in my life.

Alex: What could you possibly be missing? Sounds like the perfect life for me.

Billy: Except for the high likelihood you’d wind up in jail. Piracy isn’t exactly nice.

Valentine: I know, and I wanted to change, but I didn’t now how. I was so mean that all my crew had left me. There I was, abandoned and alone, and that’s when Reginald showed up. He helped me change my life for the better.

Billy: Him? A parrot?

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: God uses all kinds, even parrots.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Reginald here had a Bible, and when I read it, I found out about Jesus. I found out that Jesus loved everyone, even mean pirates. In fact, Jesus died on a cross so that everyone, even the Dread Pirate Valentine, could be with him in Heaven. My life changed that day; I decided to follow Jesus and give up being a pirate.

Billy: (to Alex) See, I told you books were important!

Alex: How could any book change you?

Valentine: This isn’t any book; it’s God’s Word.

Reginald: God’s Word is Life Changing; God’s Word is Life Changing.

Valentine: That’s right, Reginald. What would I ever do without you?

Reginald: (embarrassed) Squawk!

Valentine: And that’s why we don’t solve our problems with swords. Jesus doesn’t want us to fight, He wants us to love others and solve our problems peacefully.

Alex: Where’s the fun in that?

Valentine: (She helps Alex up.) The fun is that instead of an enemy, you might make a new friend.

Billy: That’s all well and good, but what about all the other parts of being a sailor?

Alex: Yeah, we still don’t know how to hoist a mainsail or use the stars to navigate.

Billy: I want to know about rigging.

Valentine: What about it?

Billy: Everything I can. It’s rigging. How can it not be cool?

Valentine: Come on then, I’ve got a lot to show you.

They all exit.

Day 5 – The Friendly Bay

Billy and Alex enter.

Alex: Are we there yet?

Billy: No.

Alex: How about now?

Billy: Why are you asking me, Alex? You’ve got the spyglass.

Alex: Oh, yeah. (She starts to put it up to her eye then stops.) That’s right; I need to do it slowly. (She slowly puts it up to her eye.)

Billy: You’re learning. Keep an eye out while I turn us thirty degrees starboard.

Billy goes to the a big wheel on stage and begins to turn it right.

Alex: Thirty degrees Star Wars?

Billy: No, starboard. It indicates the direction we’re turning.

Alex: But Billy, we’re turning right. Why not just say you’re turning us right?

Billy: Because on a ship, right is starboard and left is port.

Alex: (looking through the spyglass) Fine. So, what’s the right thing to say when you see land?

Billy: The correct phrase is ‘land ho!’

Alex: Right. (She gets right behind Billy and shouts.) LAND HO!

Captain Valentine and Reginald enter.

Billy: Don’t do that.

Valentine: Are we there yet?

Alex: Can I tell her?

Billy: (to Alex) No. (to Valentine) Yes.

Valentine: You’ve got to stop sending mixed messages.

Billy: Yes, Friendly Bay has been spotted.

Alex: By me.

Billy: By Alex. We’re there.

Valentine: Oh. Well, I guess that’s all right. I mean, this is what we wanted. I suppose. Are you sure this is Friendly Bay?

Reginald: Squawk! Friendly Bay, Friendly Bay.

Valentine: Well, that’s what it’s called, but is it really friendly?

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: You don’t know; you’ve never been. What if we run into a mad scientist or a giant crocodile? Or someone who’s not friendly at all? No, I don’t think we can risk it.

Alex: Risk what? Come on, Captain Valentine, this is the adventure we’ve been waiting for.

Billy: Not to mention a great learning experience.

Reginald: Squawk!

Alex: That, too.

Valentine: But what if they don’t like me? What if they make fun of me or the Good Ship Fellow?

Alex: What if they don’t. Come on, Captain, it’s time to leave the ship and see what’s out there.

Valentine: Leave the ship? You mean I have to actually walk on something that doesn’t sway back and forth? What if I get land sick?

Billy: I’ve never read of that happening.

Valentine: Well I could be the first, you ever think of that?

Alex: Captain, what’s going on?

Billy: Yeah, Captain. Why so nervous?

Valentine: Nervous? I’m not nervous.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Fine, Reginald. I’m nervous. I don’t like meeting new people. If it wasn’t for Reginald insisting I have a crew the two of you wouldn’t even be here.

Alex: You don’t like us?

Valentine: No, I love the two of you. I’m so glad you became my crew.

Alex: We love you too! (She goes for a hug and almost trips, but Captain Valentine catches her.)

Valentine: (helping Alex up) But when I met you, I was on my ship. My home. Now I have to leave the ship and meet people? What would we even talk about?

Billy: You could tell them about your trip.

Alex: How you survived a storm and met two fabulous crew members.

Billy: And you could talk about all the lessons you learned about God’s Word.

Valentine: I don’t know. Would they even want to hear about it? I mean, we got a lot out of God’s Word, but will they?

Reginald: Squawk! God’s Word is for everyone. God’s Word is for everyone.

Valentine: You’re right, Reginald. I’ve learned so much this week that I can’t just keep it to myself. I can’t just stay here on the Good Ship Fellow.

Alex: That’s more like it.

Valentine: We have to go out and tell everyone about God and how He loves us.

Billy: After all, what use is knowing God’s love if we can’t share it?

Reginald: Squawk!

Billy: Exactly. (He and Reginald hug.)

Valentine: I don’t know what I was afraid of. All right crew, in mere moments we will be pulling into the Friendly Bay docks. Let’s make sure everything’s ready.

Alex: (realizes that something is wrong) Uh, Captain…

Valentine: We’ve got a lot of precious cargo that needs to be unloaded

Alex: Captain….

Valentine: Oh, let’s make sure the mooring lines are ready to go.

Alex: Captain, permission to point something out.

Valentine: Now you’re learning. Permission granted. What do you need to point out?

Alex: Shouldn’t we be slowing down?

Valentine: (realizes that disaster is imminent) And finally, let’s make sure we don’t crash into the docks. (She runs out.)

Billy: Aye, Aye, Captain. (He follows her.)

Alex: Let’s go. (She then exits.)

Reginald: Squawk! Let’s go, let’s go. (He exits.)

Final Day – The Important Lesson

 Captain Valentine, Reginald, and Billy enter.

Valentine: Are you sure it’s this way?

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: What? I was following you!

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: No, I will not get you a GPS.

Billy: Captain, I think we’re here.

Valentine: Are you sure, because… (She notices the audience.) Well what do you know. We’re finally at Friendly Bay.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Well of course they’re friendly. (waves to crowd) Hi, everyone! I’m Captain Valentine and this is Billy and Reginald.

Billy: They don’t seem very friendly.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: That’s true, Reginald, that could have been a lot friendlier. Let’s try it again. Hi everyone!

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: Yup, this is Friendly Bay. And we have a lot to talk about.

Billy: That’s right. We learned so much getting here. The very first thing I learned was…

Reginald: God’s Word is true. God’s Word is true.

Valentine: That’s right, then on the second day we learned that…

Reginald: God’s Word is comforting, God’s word is comforting.

Billy: We needed that comfort during that big storm.

Valentine: And then on the third day we learned that…

Reginald: God’s Word is surprising, God’s Word is surprising.

Billy: Then on the fourth day, we found out that…

Reginald: God’s Word is life changing, God’s Word is life changing.

Valentine: And then that final day we learned that…

Reginald: God’s Word is for everyone, God’s Word is for everyone.

Billy: I learned more than I ever thought possible.

Valentine: How to survive a storm, secure rigging.

Billy: And that a giant parrot can actually make a pretty good first-mate.

Reginald: Squawk!

Valentine: They are the best, though that can give you a little attitude, sometimes.

Reginald: Attitude, attitude.

Valentine: See what I mean? And speaking of attitude, where is your sister, Alex?

Alex runs in.

Alex: Guess what I just found!

Valentine: What did you find?

Alex: The biggest Giant Squid you ever saw!

Billy: And now you’re going to stay a safe distance from it?

Alex: Of course, not, silly. I’m going to wrassle it!

Alex runs offstage.

Valentine: I guess we better go after her. (to audience) See you later!

Reginald: Squawk! See you later! See you later!

Billy: Bye.

The three of them exit.

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