Science Club

Science Club
By Charles B. French

This six part series was performed for our church’s Vacation Bible School. We opened each day with one of the segments, and that introduced the lesson for that day. The final part was performed on Sunday in a big wrap-up session. This script is perfect for Vacation Bible School, but it can also be used for any children’s event.

You will need a puppet for the character Pomby, the sillier the better. The little kids absolutely loved Pomby and a puppet works far better than an actual character.

Since the professor and Pomby are on video, you can either pre-record their video segments or have them appear on a different part of the stage.

This script was very popular because it appealed to all audiences. The little kids loved the puppet, and the older kids, and even the adults, liked the banter and the jokes. Everyone got something out of the daily lessons.

I hope you enjoy this script as much as we enjoyed performing it.

Cast of Characters
Professor Milton Fredrick Alberton the Third: He is the surfer, adventurer type always looking for the next great adventure. He’s excited by the island he’s on, but unfortunately he’s stuck. He needs the children to do experiments for him to get out.
Pomby: An island native who tries to help Milton. He is a puppet and looks very strange.
Marissa: She is the brainy member of the science club
Barnaby: He is the “Scooby” of the science club, always goofy but can come through in a pinch.
Custodian: A very wise adult who helps them find the answers. The Custodian never tells them the answers outright, but guides them in the right direction

Day 1 - The Science of Being Thankful

Marissa enters and finds Barnaby lounging.

Marissa: Barnaby, what are you doing?

Barnaby: Not much, Marissa. Just waiting for the science to happen.

Marissa: If we want it to happen, we have to make it happen. This is the Science Club. Our experiments have to be extremely precise with only a 1.2% rate of deviation for every 1000 events.

Barnaby: Whoa, brain freeze. You gotta relax. Science happens all around us; all we have to do is wait.

Marissa: We don’t have time to waste. By my calculations, we’ve already wasted five minutes, 43 seconds. I can’t waste any more time.

Custodian enters carrying a package.

Custodian: What seems to be the bother?

Marissa: I’m trying to make science happen but Barnaby is no help.

Barnaby: Tell Marissa that she needs to learn to go with the flow.

Custodian: How about I give you this package I just received?

Marissa takes the package.

Marissa: It’s from the Professor!

Barnaby: Oh, yeah. I was wondering where he was.

Marissa: (opening the box and pulls out a complicated looking device) It looks like a communication transponder synced with a Global Positioning System powered by a lithium ion fuel cell.

Barnaby: Cool, I always wanted one of those.

Marissa: There’s a note. “Dear Marissa and Barnaby.”

Barnaby: That’s us!

Marissa: “I’m on my latest adventure and have given you this communicator so you can help me. Just push the button and it will do the rest. Sincerely, Professor Milton Fredrick Alberton the third.”

Barnaby: Well, what are you waiting for? Press the button.

Marissa: For once, I concur.

Marissa puts the device down and pushes a button. The professor appears on the large screen behind them.

Professor: Hello Marissa and Barnaby. You’ll never believe where I ended up. I’m on the island of Yippiyango. It’s a small island with many interesting things. I’ve met a friend. Meet Pomby.

Pomby appears onscreen.

Pomby: Hello.

Professor: Now, I ran into a tiny little problem while on the island of Yippiyango.

Pomby makes the sound of a plane crashing down ending with him going “BOOM!” excitedly. The Professor stares at Pomby.

Pomby: Your plane crashed.

Professor: Yes, my plane crashed.

Pomby: We can fix it. No problem.

Professor: But to fix it, they need your help. I have some science experiments in the lab, there. You need to complete them and get them to me.

Pomby: Yippiyango needs to know the science.

Professor: If we run these experiments, they’ll fix the plane. Use the device to get the results to me. Good luck.

The screen goes dark.

Barnaby: See, I told you the science would happen.

Marissa: I don’t have time for this. I have science of my own.

Custodian: What’s the problem?

Marissa: He’s always making us do stuff. Now instead of doing my own project, I have to do his.

Custodian: It sounds like you don’t appreciate him.

Barnaby: He makes us do so much: lab coats and test tubes and beakers.

Custodian: Oh, my. May I make one tiny suggestion?

Barnaby: How tiny?

Custodian: I’d like you to remember all the Professor has done for you.

Barnaby: Well, he did teach me so many cool things.

Marissa: He taught me how to be more accurate in my calculations down to the nearest millionth.

Custodian: What does that tell you?

Marissa: We should be thankful we have him.

Barnaby: He’s really an awesome guy.

Custodian: Indubitably. Being thankful is one of the things Jesus teaches us.

Marissa: Since He is the Son of God, I postulate that Jesus had a high frequency of being thankful.

Barnaby: Not to mention the way he handed out the grub. If you were hungry, no problem, Jesus just whipped up a batch of loaves and fishes. How can you not be thankful for that?

Custodian: Colossians 3:15 -“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.”

Barnaby: That’s deep.

Marissa: I calculate that we can be very thankful.

Barnaby: Totally thankful.

Marissa: Let’s get to work.

They run off to do an experiment.

Day 2 - The Science of Being Helpful

Marissa, Barnaby, and the Custodian are onstage. A balloon and several empty soda cans sit on a table. Marissa holds the communication device.

Marissa: We are approaching the optimum time. Initiating contact…now. (She pushes a button on the communication device and the Professor and Pomby appear on the screen.)

Barnaby: Hey, it’s the Professor!

Professor: Hello from Yippiyango.

Pomby: Hi science guys!

Professor: We have a slight situation here and need your help.

Pomby: (screams) HELLLLLP!

Professor: Pomby gets excited. Anyway, this will help fix my plane so I can leave.

Pomby: (hugs the Professor) Don’t go, I’ll miss you.

Professor: I’ll miss you too, but I also miss my Science students and want to see them again.

Pomby: OK. Will you write me?

Professor: I’ll text you every day.

Pomby: What about Skype? We have great Wi-Fi.

Professor: We can work something out. In the meantime, we need to use empty soda cans for material.

Pomby: I like soda.

Professor: You like it a little too much if you ask me. (Pomby belches) Emptying these cans is tricky. I had a whole case of cans that crashed with me on the island. And now…

The Professor opens a can and it explodes.

Pomby: I’m putting that on Youtube.

Professor: What we need to know is how far you can move a soda can with static electricity from a balloon. Knowing this will help in my calculations.

Pomby: As long as you remember to carry the two.

Professor: I always remember the two. It’s the fives I have trouble with. Thanks Barnaby and Marissa.

The video ends.

Marissa: That should be simple enough to calculate.

Barnaby: I call the balloon.

Marissa: What?

Barnaby: I call it.

Marissa: You call it what?

Barnaby: No, I call it. I get to blow it up.

Marissa: Then why not simply ask to do it.

Custodian: He called it. It’s the rules, whoever calls it gets to do it.

Marissa: He is more than welcome to it.

Barnaby takes the balloon and begins blowing it up while Marissa and the Custodian set up the empty soda cans on a table.

Marissa: Once we place the can precisely at these coordinates, we can verify whether the balloon has a noticeable effect.

Custodian: Sounds good. How will you do that?

Marissa: I’ve got a hypothesis.

Barnaby has finally finished blowing up the balloon.

Barnaby: I am tired from all that work.

Marissa: (takes the balloon) Don’t go anywhere yet.

Barnaby: Sorry, I’ve got to lie down. That took a lot out of me. I can’t help anymore.

Marissa: I need your hair for a moment. (She tries to rub Barnaby’s head with the balloon.)

Barnaby: What are you doing?

Marissa: I need the static electricity and your hair is the best source.

Barnaby: Find another head. I’m tired.

Custodian: Too tired to help your friend the Professor?

Barnaby: It’s just too much.

Custodian: You know, Jesus would walk everywhere to help people. He worked all day to make their lives better. One time he was too tired and wanted to get away and rest.

Barnaby: I get that. I could use a vacation right now.

Custodian: But the people found Jesus and wanted more help. Do you know what He did?

Barnaby: Don’t tell me he helped them?

Custodian: He did. Jesus teaches us that even though we may be tired, we should still help others in need.

Barnaby: That’s deep.

Custodian: Romans 12:13 “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Barnaby: If Jesus can do all that, I can help, too. (He leans over and offers Marissa his hair.) Fire away.

Marissa rubs Barnaby’s head and then uses the balloon to move the cans on the table.

Barnaby: Awesome. The cans are totally moving.

Custodian: Another reason to be helpful. When you are, neat stuff can happen.

Marissa: Let’s get our data to the professor.

They all head offstage.

Day 3 - The Science of Being Brave

Barnaby and Marissa enter. Marissa has the communication device. The Custodian is already there. An inflated balloon, a needle, and clear tape dispenser are sitting on a table nearby. Marissa pushes the button and the screen appears. Pomby is onscreen but the Professor is nowhere to be seen.

Pomby: Hello Science Club! Pomby here from Yippiyango. Professor can’t come to the screen right now. He’s hiding.

Professor: (off-screen) I’m not hiding!

Pomby: (in the Professor’s direction) Yes you are!

Professor: I am not!

Pomby: Are too.

Professor: Am not!

Pomby: (to the screen) He’s hiding.

Professor: For the last time I am not hiding.

Pomby: Then why are you over there?

Professor: Fine. (He appears on camera and his face is slightly blackened and his hair is standing on end. He looks like he was just involved in an explosion.) We’ve had a slight difficulty.

Pomby: BOOM!

Professor: He’s a fan of giant explosions.

Pomby: Next time I’m bringing marshmallows.

Professor: Long story short guys, I need to know how to keep a balloon from popping when I stick it with a needle. It’s very important.

Pomby: BOOM!

Professor: I’m trying to avoid that. Thanks for the help Barnaby and Marissa.

Pomby: Don’t blow up! BYE!

The screen goes dark and Marissa stands there, terrified.

Marissa: How can I keep a balloon from popping? No, I can’t. The probability is at zero point zero percent. It’s impossible.

Barnaby: If you don’t de-stress, you’re going to pop.

Marissa: You don’t understand. If I fail, if I can’t do it, what will happen to the Professor? What will happen to us? I don’t want to explode!

Barnaby: It’s just a balloon.

Marissa: You aren’t seeing the big picture. If the balloon explodes, it could cause a chain reaction of exponential proportions and blow all of us into smithereens.

Barnaby: What’s a smithereen?

Marissa: A particle of indeterminate size. We’d be blown into a lot of them.

Custodian: You know, there was once a time when Jesus was walking on a lake. Literally, on top of the water.

Barnaby: I bet you could do a lot of fishing like that.

Custodian: Then Jesus asked Peter to walk on the water. Peter was scared.

Marissa: Of course he was. There’s no way that the lake’s surface tension could support the mass of a grown man. It’s impossible.

Custodian: That’s what Peter thought, and he even started to sink.

Barnaby: He’s about to be fish food.

Custodian: Not so. Peter believed in Jesus and then he wasn’t afraid. Peter didn’t sink; he walked on water with Jesus. Jesus taught Peter to be brave, and he teaches us the same thing.

Marissa: If Peter could do the impossible, I suppose I can to.

Custodian: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; you rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4.

Barnaby: That’s deep.

Marissa: With God’s help I can be brave enough to do this. (She picks up the balloon.) But how do you propose I stick a needle in here without rupturing the surface?

Barnaby: (He pulls off a piece of tape.) Why not just put some tape on it?

Marissa: That’s brilliant. (She holds the balloon out to Barnaby.)

Barnaby: (putting the tape on the balloon.) This is going to be awesome.

Marissa: (She takes the balloon and holds it up for everyone to see.) Let’s see if this works. (She picks up the needle and sticks it into the balloon. The balloon shouldn’t pop.) Eureka! It works.

Barnaby: Looks like you get to keep your eyebrows.

Marissa: I know! Let’s tell the professor.

Everyone exits.

Day 4 - The Science of Living Forever

The Custodian is onstage when Barnaby and Marissa enter. Marissa is carrying the communications device.

Marissa: I think it’s time to reinitiate our communications with our wayward mentor.

Barnaby: Listening to you makes my brain hurt.

Marissa: Tell you what; I’ll let you push the button.

Barnaby: Now you’re talking.

Barnaby pushes the button and the Professor appears onscreen. He is clearly sick, suffering from some awful flu-like symptoms. Pomby is nowhere to be seen.

Professor: Greetings Barnaby and Marissa. I hope I don’t look as bad as I feel. I’ve caught some kind of bug that’s been going around Yippiyango. Pomby and I…where is Pomby? (calling off-screen) Pomby, get over here.

Pomby: (off-screen) No. You’ve got the plague.

Professor: I don’t have the Plague. It’s just a little bug and I’ll be fine in the morning. Now get over here.

Pomby appears onscreen. He is wearing a surgical mask.

Pomby: Don’t breathe on me.

Professor: You look silly.

Pomby: At least I don’t have the plague.

Professor: It’s not the plague.

Pomby: Better safe than sorry.

Professor: (to Barnaby and Marissa) I just wanted to let you two know that we’ve almost finished fixing the plane. Once I get over this I’ll make the final repairs and be on my way.

Pomby: Take your plague with you.

Professor: For the last time…(He sneezes in Pomby’s direction.)

Pomby: (rushes off-stage screaming) AAH! PLAGUE!

Professor: I’m going to go lie down.

The screen goes dark.

Marissa: I should have realized that his immune system was not accustomed to the ecosystem of Yippiyango.

Barnaby: (in a state of panic) How can you be so calm?

Marissa: Why should I engage in panic?

Barnaby: Because the Professor is going to die! You heard Pomby. He has the plague!

Marissa: You are drawing an erroneous conclusion based on incomplete data.

Barnaby: We don’t have time for this scientific mumbo-jumbo. We have to help him.

Marissa: What do you propose?

Barnaby: You’re smart, right?

Marissa: Extremely.

Barnaby: Good, then you can come up with an immortality potion for the Professor.

Marissa: An immortality potion?

Barnaby: Don’t you see. We send it to him and then he’ll never die. Won’t it be great?

Marissa: What you propose is impossible. There’s no such thing as an immortality potion.

Barnaby: But I don’t want him to die.

Custodian: You’re forgetting something important, Barnaby.

Barnaby: What’s that?

Custodian: The Professor knows Jesus. He asked Jesus into his heart. That means that he will live forever with Jesus in Heaven.

Barnaby: How do you know?

Custodian: In John 14:19, Jesus tells us, “Because I live, you also will live.”

Barnaby: That’s deep.

Marissa: Barnaby, the Professor is fine. He’s just got a cold and he’ll be better in the morning.

Barnaby: So we don’t need an immortality potion?

Marissa: Of course not.  We’re going to live forever with Jesus in Heaven.

Barnaby: I get that.

Marissa: Come on. Let’s send the Professor a get well card.

Everyone exits.

Day 5 - The Science of Telling Others about God

The Custodian is onstage when Marissa and Barnaby enter. In the center of the stage is a large beaker. Marissa and Barnaby stand to either side of it.

Barnaby: This is going to be so awesome.

Marissa: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need to get this final experiment done to help the Professor. Ready?

Barnaby: (shouting) Let the Science Begin!

Marissa: A simple yes will suffice.

Marissa mixes in a chemical into the large beaker and the result should be a large plume of impressive smoke or something equally spectacular.

Barnaby: That’s what I call science.

Marissa: I concur. We have succeeded and exceeded expectations.

Barnaby: We’re awesome.

Marissa: I agree. We are, as you say, awesome.

Barnaby: We should tell everyone how great we are. The world needs to know about the scientific greatness of Barnaby and Marissa.

Marissa: You mean Marissa and Barnaby.

Barnaby: Fine, you can have top billing. Even so, the world will know that we are the two most incredible people on the planet.

Marissa: I’ll be on the cover of Scientific American!

Barnaby: Johnny Depp will play me in the movie about my life!

Custodian: Aren’t you forgetting someone?

Barnaby: I don’t think so.

Custodian: What about God? God was the one who blessed you with your gifts and made it possible for you to help the Professor.

Barnaby: Oh, yeah.

Marissa: We had forgotten about God.

Custodian: Just as God helped you, he wants to help everyone else. That’s why we need to tell everyone about Jesus. God blessed you so you’d bless others.

Marissa: That’s deep.

Barnaby: Hey, that’s my line. (to the Custodian) But I know you’ve got a verse. Hit me with it.

Custodian: Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

Barnaby: That’s the good stuff, and speaking of good news, we’ve got to get this data to the Professor.

Marissa: (tapping into the communicator as if entering data) Information transfer complete. Professor, do you have everything?

The Professor appears onscreen. Pomby is with him. We can hear the sound of an airplane. If possible, there could be a fan off-screen blowing on the two of them to indicate the plane is right there. Pomby is wearing a traditional pilot’s cap and scarf.

Professor: (shouting over the propeller noise) I’ve got the final calculations. You two have been wonderful. The plane is fixed and I can now leave Yippiyango.

Pomby: Not without me!

Professor: That’s right, I almost forgot. I told Pomby so much about you guys that he wants to come too.

Pomby: YAAAAY!

Professor: He’s really excited.

Pomby: I’m going on the plane! I’m going on the plane!

Professor: This will be his first trip off the island.

Pomby: Do I get frequent flyer miles?

Professor: No, but you will get a bag of peanuts.

Pomby: Let’s go! Let’s go!

Pomby heads off-screen while the Professor keeps talking.

Professor: Marissa, Barnaby, I just want to thank you all for your hard work. I know if wasn’t easy, but you’ve really come through for me. I can’t wait to see you both…

We hear the sound of the plane taking off.

Professor: Hey! Wait for me!

The Professor runs off-screen after the plane. The screen goes dark.

Barnaby: We did some good work, Marissa. (glancing at the Custodian) With God’s help, of course.

Marissa: I concur. God did bless our scientific endeavors, and as a result, our distinguished colleague is returning home.

Barnaby: And you know what that means?

Marissa: Further scientific collaboration?

Barnaby: It means it’s time to celebrate! Come on, Marissa, let’s plan a big welcome back party.

Marissa: I can see the merit in that. (She turns to the Custodian.) You’re coming too, aren’t you?

Custodian: I wouldn’t miss it.

Everyone exits.

Day 6 - The Science of Celebration!

Barnaby and Marissa enter. The Custodian is setting up the last of the decorations. There is a big sign that reads ‘Welcome Back Professor!’ behind them onstage.

Barnaby: Hey! Where’s the Professor? I thought he’d be here by now.

Custodian: Don’t worry, I know he’ll be here soon.

Marissa: I’ve ascertained that his arrival is imminent. We must be patient.

The Professor sneaks onstage and isn’t seen by either Marissa or Barnaby.

Barnaby: I don’t want to be patient; I want him here now.

Professor: Maybe he’s not coming.

Barnaby: Well that’s just…(turns to see the Professor standing behind him) Professor!

Professor: Barnaby! (turns to Marissa) Marissa! It’s good to see you two again.

Marissa: I’m glad we can converse face-to-face once more.

Professor: It’s wonderful to be here after I was stranded on Yippiyango. I’m not here alone, either.

Pomby appears.

Pomby: Surprise!

Barnaby: Pomby!

Professor: He heard about everyone here and wanted to say hi.

Pomby: Hi!

Professor: We’ve had quite a flight back from the island.

Pomby: I hate jet lag.

Professor: During our flight we talked about all we learned this week.

Barnaby: Tell me about it. I learned so much my brain’s about to explode.

Marissa: Barnaby, it’s scientifically impossible for your cerebellum to attain so much knowledge that it explodes though your cranium.

Barnaby: (holding his head) Ow!

Professor: Sounds like the two of you had an educational week.

Marissa: Precisely. On Monday we learned why Jesus wants us to be thankful, and on Tuesday we learned about being helpful.

Barnaby: Then on Wednesday we learned how to be totally brave, thanks to Jesus. On Thursday- this was incredible- we learned that believing in Jesus means we live forever with Him. How cool is that?

Marissa: Finally on Friday we reached the conclusion that we should tell others about how much God loves them.

Professor: That’s amazing, as were the experiments you conducted for me. They helped me fix the plane.

Pomby: Ahem.

Professor: Pomby was a big help, too.

Pomby: Credit where credit is due!

Professor: You’re right Pomby, and that’s why we must remember to thank God, who taught us these important lessons and blessed us with the knowledge to get things done.

Custodian: That reminds me of a verse.

Barnaby: Of course it does.

Custodian: Philippians 4:13 says “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”

Barnaby: That’s deep.

Professor: Come on, let’s go look at the pictures I took of Yippiyango.

Pomby: Slide show! Slide show!

Everyone exits.


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