Free Script Promotion 8/14 - 8/18

Each day of this promotion I will release one free script. Come back every day for the new one. Each script will be available for 2 days.

August 14 & 15
One Cross Martyr
(from my Dramatic Duets collection)

About this script: This duet examines what does and doesn’t count as suffering for Christ. Sometimes we think that being a general nuisance counts as martyrdom, when in fact, we’re just being insufferable jerks who are doing more harm than good for the Gospel message.

August 15 & 16
End Times Anonymous
(from my Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds collection)

About this script: We have a meeting of End Times Anonymous, a support group for people disappointed that the End Times, Rapture, and Second Coming haven't happened yet.

August 16 & 17
Mary and Elizabeth
(from my Conversations Through the Pages: Old Testament collection)

About this script: This conversation occurs between Mary and Elizabeth, soon after Mary discovered she was pregnant with Jesus. They discuss what it means to trust God when it seems everything is going wrong, and the road ahead looks bleak. 

August 17 & 18
Dead Pastor Sketch
(from my Crazy Christians and Large Frozen Fish collection)

About this script: A Christian parody of Monty Python's classic 'Dead Parrot Sketch.' A customer tries to return a pastor he purchased because the pastor was dead. However, the clerk refuses to concede that the pastor he sold is, in fact, dead.

August 18 & 19
The Lost Episode
(from my How to Evangelize People collection)

About this script: As the Narrator tries to address the subject of not letting biases interfere with discerning who is and isn't a Christian, Eric discovers why Andy is a terrible negotiator.

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