Script Promotion Week

This week, Monday through Black Friday, I will release two free scripts for two days. Each day's scripts will be from a different one of my collections.

November 24 & 25 
From my Dramatic Duets collection:

Gilda Does Something Funny 
About this script: This duet examines learning how to trust God to work out the finer details, using the example of one of the funniest women of all time, Gilda Radner. That’s right, a Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time-Player is a spiritual lesson for us all.

The Counselor is [In] 
About this script: Taking a page from Charlie Brown, this duet examines why being a Christian is not a guarantee that you won’t have problems. Our main character is having a tough time of it and can’t seem to catch a break. What’s worse, the usual Sunday School answers don’t help, as he’s doing everything right and still struggling. He exposes the dirty little secret that we Christians like to keep to ourselves. Perhaps it’s time we’re more honest with each other.

November 25 & 26 
From my Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds collection:

Facebook Inquisition
About this script: The Facebook Inquisition pounces on a poor individual because his Facebook activity isn't Christian enough.  

How it Really Happened 
About this script: A speaker giving his testimony is hooked up to a lie detector, and the truth of what really happened comes out. 

November 26 & 27
From my Conversations Through the Pages: Old Testament collection:

Cain and Abel
About this script: This conversation occurs between Cain and Abel a little while before Cain murders his brother. They argue about faith and the nature of God.

Moses and Pharaoh
About this script: This conversation occurs between Moses and Pharaoh, as Moses demands the ruler let his people go. It’s about a man of faith, struggling with doubts, who still fights for what is right. 

November 27 & 28
From my Crazy Christians and Large Frozen Fish collection:

A Christmas Persecution 
About this script: When three parishioners are barred from putting up a Nativity scene on city property, their pastor realizes that the ban was definitely justified. 

Have I Got a Hymn for You! 
About this script: An aspiring hymn writer can't seem to realize why his efforts are soundly rejected.

November 28 & 29  
From my How to Evangelize People collection: 

Tis the Season 
About this script: As the Narrator tries to address the subject of Christmas, Eric discusses why he has a restraining order against Santa. 

Friendly Neighborhood Atheist 
About this script: As the Narrator tries to address the subject of engaging atheists, Andy learns new words.

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