Free Comedy Script Promotion June 12th - June 15th 2015

Over these four days, I'm releasing four free comedy scripts from my Crazy Christians collections. Enjoy.

From my Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds collection:
  •  Church Insurance - A pushy insurance Agent tries to sell a policy that covers specific "Acts of God," including pillars of fire and plagues of locusts. He does not find a receptive audience.
  • Battle of the Church Thermostat - A group of insurgent parishioners are making a play to change the church thermostat. They face opposition in every direction from rival factions who also want control of the thermostat. 

From my Crazy Christians and Large Frozen Fish collection:
  • Apologetics Clinic - A Christian parody of Monty Python's 'The Argument Sketch.' A hapless patron enters the Apologetics Clinic and encounters a clerk who clearly does not know what apologetics is, and it only goes downhill from there.
  • How Not to be a Martyr - A Christian is told that the only thing he'll be good at is being martyred. He is then given several options for his martyrdom.

These are for Amazon Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle app that will let you use it on all your mobile devices.